No Twitter Local Discovery Feed

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Social Media / 15 January 2014

local discovery feedIsn’t it rather surprising that Twitter is yet to introduce a local feed? Testing began on a Local Discovery feature after the idea was sparked during the network’s Hack Week in April 2013. Yet us Twitter users are still going without.
A Local Discovery feed would collate tweets from both followed and unfollowed users within a specified distance from a user’s location, whether that be a home address or a hotel address in a different country. At the moment users can discover what’s going on around the world through the trends feature and there is the option to view local trends per particular cities. Yet, a local discovery feed would give a much more local indication of not only trending discussion but events and could eventually adjust to show tweets most relevant to specific user interests.
Not only would the feature give users a better insight into their local community but would also provide extra scope for Twitter, advertisers and local business marketing. Twitter could use the feed to display more location-relevant promoted tweets while more local advertisers could take advantage of this well-targeted advertising. Plus, local businesses could use the feed to boost their social media. Through a discovery of the interests of their local audience and any trends and events taking place, marketers could start discussions with potential customers and create more relevant content.
As this feature seems so relevant, so powerful and so overdue then it really is surprising that Twitter is yet to grace us with its presence. Dear Twitter, we are waiting.

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