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How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

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How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Even if your email marketing list is full to bursting point, it’s destined to lose numbers and value. This is down to a combination of factors which may include your contacts opting out of your communications, their email addresses changing or your contacts abandoning the address they used to sign up.

Essentially, your email list is never stable, so it’s very important that you constantly add fresh contacts. Help keep your numbers up and compensate for those that you lose with these tips to grow your email marketing list.

grow your email marketing list

How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

1.       Offer Value

Just as you should with every call to action you use anywhere in your marketing, you should offer something of value in return for an email address. Depending on your business this could be anything from a discount to exclusive deals, tips, advice, advance access or an eBook. Make sure the benefit is made very clear and ensure that it’s immediate.

Some common examples of valuable offerings include:

  • ‘Sign up for our weekly emails to get all of our latest articles delivered directly into your inbox and qualify for a free trial of our marketing software.’
  • ‘Join our mailing list to