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Maximise Your Google+ Engagement

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Maximise Your Google+ Engagement

Maximise Your Google+ Engagement

Google+, with its 540 million active users a month, boasts one of the largest user bases of all the major social media platforms. Coupled with its business-friendly features and the tie-ins with Gmail, this site can be as useful for networking as business-specific site like LinkedIn. With 70% of business brands now present on Google+ it is important to take the time to make yourself visible and memorable to prospective clients and other companies.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to maximise your engagement and increase traffic to your Google+ profile.

1. Promote Yourself

Comunicazione socialThe best way to promote your Google+ profile is to make it easily findable. Like all social media sites, if your customers don’t know that you have one they probably won’t look for you. Simple things like adding a Google+ badge to your website or sharing icons to your company blog, for example, will make it simple for visitors to engage with you directly.

2. Network Strategically

One of the most useful features of Google+ is the ability to organise your followers. Circles are an effective way to manage your different interests and relationships, simply use keyword searches to identify other