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Facebook Buying Drones to Connect Africa

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Facebook Buying Drones to Connect Africa

Now that Facebook wear the crown for biggest social network in the world, they are upping their game to head into new realms. Space is their next endeavour with the company in talks to purchase 11,000 drones that would provide internet access to isolated, developing communities.

facebook buying drones

These advanced, solar-powered drones are built by Titan Aerospace, can fly up to 65,000 feet and remain in the air for up to five years. They go by the more technical name of an ‘Atmostat’ and can operate as near-Earth satellites without launch into orbit and for much lower costs. According to reports, Facebook is looking into buying the manufacturer for $60m and planning to use the aircrafts to beam in a blanket of connection across Africa and other countries.

Amongst other founding members which include Nokia, Samsung and MediaTek, the social network plays a pro-active role in the internet.org project which aims to bring internet to parts of the world that are isolated from a connection.

Mark Zuckerberg has commented: “It’s easy to take for granted that most people have access to the internet, but only one third of the world, 2.7 billion people, currently have access to the internet.” He has also …