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Enhance Your SEO With Google+

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Enhance Your SEO With Google+

With studies showing that Google+ is having an increasing impact on the SEO value of websites then there’s no better time to start improving your brand’s presence on the network. Other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are largely closed off to Google’s spiders by security restrictions and data protection. Yet, Google can easily access, crawl and index the content that is shared on the network they have built and own.

enhance your seo with google+

This means Google can ‘see’ the content on Google+, just as they can on any other open website, and can take note of the links, to pass value to websites and reward their PageRank. Brands that gain an authority on the network, by sharing quality content and getting a whole host of engagement could see their website climbing the search rankings as a result.

So how can you take advantage of the SEO value that Google+ has on offer? Take these 5 tips as a starting point…

1.    Fully Complete Your Profile

Before you go ahead with sharing content and building an audience, make sure your profile is fully complete. Your profile information helps Google determine your rank in Google+ search results so complete each section in as …