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What Makes an Effective Hashtag?

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What Makes an Effective Hashtag?

Hashtag Magnifying glass

Hashtags have quickly become an essential part of effective social media marketing. But, attracting interest on social media through a hashtag is not as simple as it may seen. Here are some tips on how to ensure that your hashtag stands out.

Be Unique

For many, hashtags are a useful way of increasing awareness of their brand or their product. Consequently, hashtags can be important for an author trying to sell a book to a major company looking to draw attention to itself and its new product. Choosing a hashtag that is unique is normally preferable, as choosing a common hashtag can make it difficult to get your voice heard.

The Importance Of Clarity

A hashtag shouldn’t be too vague either, but should be something that the people who view it will clearly understand. It should be something, too, that is appealing enough for people to feel inclined to use in their own social media posts. Don’t overuse any hashtag, though, as it can seem like a desperate attempt to get people to look at your posts. Equally, avoid bombarding people with too may different promotions. Having a new hashtag for a new promotion every week can reduce your impact …

How to use Hashtags Effectively

Bird holding a hashtag

Hashtags are used to categorise messages by searchable keywords, but overuse can just as easily push people away.

It’s as simple as placing a # directly before a word anywhere within a post, with no space between the symbol and the word. Users then search for hashtags to bring up every post that contains it.

Using just one or two simple words or short phrases that directly correspond with the topic of your post is the best way to hashtag. There’s no need to tag generic words, as people search for hashtags specifically. Too many hashtags in a single post is hard to read and users will scroll straight past. For example, posts about a football team will often have the team’s name hashtagged or may close with #football.

#Hashtagging has become a social media second-nature, but used correctly it could drive traffic your way with minimal effort.