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How to Write a Blog Post in 10 Steps

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How to Write a Blog Post in 10 Steps

As quality content has become one of the most powerful factors in SEO, blogging has never been more important. By updating your blog regularly, you can help to boost your rankings in search and get your content seen by a wider audience. But if your blog looks more inviting to tumbleweed than a reader, or worse is non-existent, then it’s time to make a change. And running a blog really isn’t that difficult when you know how.

how to write a blog post

In this post, we help you out by explaining how to write a blog post in 10 simple steps:

1.      Understand Your Audience

This point comes first because getting it wrong can mean the make or break for a blog post. What you write and how you write it should be directly informed by your target audience. Focus on what your potential visitors are interested in. When you’re in the know then your ideas will flow naturally, informing the topics you choose and the tone of your voice.

And consider this: what’s relevant to your business sector and interesting to your audience are not always the same thing. For example, if you were selling mobile phone cases and came across a news story …