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How to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn

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How to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest social media sites with millions of professionals under one roof. Businesses can easily target the right people to build brand advocates and gain followers. If you want to use LinkedIn to grow your business, here are some effective methods to try.

Convert your existing customers into followers

Your existing customers already know about the service or product you offer. Through LinkedIn, you can give them an opportunity to share their positive experiences by following your Company Page. Link your page into the forums and create a company blog to quickly capture the prospective customers who visit your website.

Complete your profile without overexposing your identity

Your business profile shouldn’t consist of old or irrelevant information about your brand. Make sure you include current details of what you’re doing now such as where you’ve worked and what you do in your role. No-one wants to know when your birthday is or what your hobbies are when they review your company profile.

Make quality connections

Before you send a potential customer a request to connect, make sure you check their profile first to see if they are legitimate. Look for a professional photo and at …

Mastering Your Marketing with LinkedIn

Although it’s raved about as the business world’s biggest social media platform, LinkedIn is still relatively unused by organisations to promote themselves and their services. Like most marketing strategies you’ll need to make a long-term commitment as it will require ongoing management, but used efficiently it can really spark sales and interest in your business.

In this article we consider four ways to master LinkedIn marketing and make it a valuable part of your social media marketing strategy.Business card

1. Build a Business Presence

Before you start conquering the world of LinkedIn, you will need to build a presence for your business. Visibility is vital in this kind of strategy as you need to be accessible to your customers.

Look at your LinkedIn company page as an extension of your website. Information like your contact details and a list of the services you provide need to be available for users. Keep all visual aspects of your profile as similar to your website homepage as you can. Graphics, colour schemes and brand logos should remain consistent throughout all your online platforms to make your business identifiable and easily recognisable.

2. Launch a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn groups are becoming a powerful tool for

Deciphering LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LinkedIn Company Pages are powerful platforms for B2Bs and B2Cs to market what they offer. And with the introduction of Showcase Pages earlier this year, brands can now tailor their communications on the network much more effectively. In this post we look at what Showcase Pages are, what they include and how to use them.

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But first…What is a LinkedIn Company Page?

A LinkedIn Company Page works similar to a business page or profile on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It’s a social media platform to post content, attract followers, build relationships and connect with your target audience. On a LinkedIn Company Page, you can also include information about your company, your products and your services besides links to your website and contact details.

So What is a LinkedIn Showcase Page?

Before LinkedIn introduced Showcase Pages in April of this year (2014), Company Pages included the option to add Products and Services tabs. These tabs would show up in the sidebar of the Company Page and when clicked, would display more information about each specific offering.

Showcase pages have now taken on this role. Yet, they work differently, almost like Company Pages:

  • You can post updates to Showcase Pages