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LinkedIn Publishing Tool


Big news in the LinkedIn camp this week, the LinkedIn Publishing Tool is seeing more utilisation. The previously ‘influencer only’ tool for publishing longform posts is now available to all every single user within the LinkedIn network.

Ryan Roslanksy, LinkedIn’s Head of Content Products has commented: “We’re really excited to actually open up this publishing platform and start to draw some of that experience, knowledge, and insight out of these members and onto the LinkedIn platform to share at more of a massive scale”.

These user-generated, detailed posts can be viewed straight from a public profile. Whilst in its limited phase, these posts generated approximately 31,000 views when distributed by the platforms ‘Influencers’. The success of the feature coupled with proof of its effectiveness to engage with a large amount of people was the driving force in persuading LinkedIn to make the feature readily available to all.


Much like Facebook, LinkedIn is looking to feature higher quality content in its feeds more often. Cutting out the spam and generally making following your feed a more worthwhile endeavour. Rolansky added that the network would feature quality content such as this to widen its exposure in front of relevant audiences. One of …