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New Jelly App for Marketers

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New Jelly App for Marketers

This week, Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone launched a new mobile, visual Q&A app called Jelly. The app enables users to pose a question to their social networks by taking a photo and attaching a drawing or text. These questions display in a swipe-through feed on the app, to be answered or ignored by other users.

jelly app

In a video about how Jelly works, Biz Stone comments, “everyone’s mobile, everyone’s connected, so if you have a question there’s somebody out there who knows the answer.” He also describes Jelly as a “new way to search” and claims that users will get on board as people are “driven to help”. Biz stresses that the key difference of searching through Jelly is that users have access to real, human knowledge rather than information thrown up by algorithms.

Either Twitter, Facebook or both of these networks can be connected to Jelly but users also have the option to share questions with other social networks, via email or via SMS. Questions will appear in the feeds of not only friends but friends of friends and users can forward questions to a friend, providing for a much wider reach. Users are notified when they receive an answer …