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New Analytic Tools for Instagram Ad Campaigns

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New Analytic Tools for Instagram Ad Campaigns

Instagram ad campaigns

Instagram has introduced new tools that enable advertisers to analyse the effectiveness of their campaigns.  Using the Account Insights tool users can view and track impressions, reach and engagement of their unpaid posts.

They can also analyse the follower base to determine audience demographics and the optimal times of the day and week to reach the most users. With all of these new functions, this tool could allow Instagram ad campaigns to be carried out far more effectively than ever before.

For paid posts the Ad Insights tool will do much of the above as well as allowing the marketer to view their campaign budget in real time and how many impressions have been reached. Previously these statistics were made available every few days but now you can expect up to the minute information on how your campaign is performing.

The Ad Staging tool means that marketers can preview the campaign before they’re submitted to Instagram for review. This means the aesthetic of the campaign can be tweaked in every way – photograph placement, captions and layout – and shared amongst the team to create fantastic visual content.

For the first time these tools are only accessible on a desktop …

Facebook Introduces New Feature – Highlights Feed

Facebook have begun testing a new ‘highlights’ feed so you can skim through your friend’s most important life experiences with ease.

The highlights feed update was pushed out to all ios users last weekend (21st-23rd February) and according to the app’s change log, didn’t include anything more than simple bug fixes. This clearly was not the case.

The new ‘highlights feed’ feature includes what posts that Facebook counts as ‘important life updates’. These kind of updates include new job offers, babies being born and marriage. The feed also helpfully includes a list of upcoming birthdays amongst those who are friends with you on the platform. This gives users the ability to think in advance what kind of message they want to be giving their nearest and dearest on their most special day of the year. With enough luck, this change will eradicate the ever popular last minute ‘HBD!’.

seamless pattern with like signs

Of course, this isn’t the first time Facebook has tried to improve it’s feed service. After seeing how much clutter can build up after befriending hundreds of people, 2010 saw Facebook introduce a new feed called ‘Top Stories’ which filtered only the most engaged with posts into a clutter-free feed.They have continued …

LinkedIn Publishing Tool


Big news in the LinkedIn camp this week, the LinkedIn Publishing Tool is seeing more utilisation. The previously ‘influencer only’ tool for publishing longform posts is now available to all every single user within the LinkedIn network.

Ryan Roslanksy, LinkedIn’s Head of Content Products has commented: “We’re really excited to actually open up this publishing platform and start to draw some of that experience, knowledge, and insight out of these members and onto the LinkedIn platform to share at more of a massive scale”.

These user-generated, detailed posts can be viewed straight from a public profile. Whilst in its limited phase, these posts generated approximately 31,000 views when distributed by the platforms ‘Influencers’. The success of the feature coupled with proof of its effectiveness to engage with a large amount of people was the driving force in persuading LinkedIn to make the feature readily available to all.


Much like Facebook, LinkedIn is looking to feature higher quality content in its feeds more often. Cutting out the spam and generally making following your feed a more worthwhile endeavour. Rolansky added that the network would feature quality content such as this to widen its exposure in front of relevant audiences. One of …

Google Hummingbird: The Low Down


Google Hummingbird, the biggest change to Google since 2001, has been recently announced.

The tech giant’s 15th birthday coincided with its new Hummingbird search algorithm being launched. This is the biggest radical change in over a decade regarding Google’s search engine, and some 90% of searches will be affected.

Following many changes in recent months, including mobile search results having a new look and Penguin 2.1,Google Hummingbird has its focus specifically on the user, particularly identifying exactly what the user is searching for and giving them the best possible answer.

Part of the improvements will see search enquiries of greater length. The enquiry will be examined thoroughly, so that the exact meaning of the user’s request is better understood.

Read more about the Google Hummingbird update here.…