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Turning Likes into Profit – How can Facebook get you More Customers?

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Turning Likes into Profit – How can Facebook get you More Customers?



Social networking is becoming an increasingly vital online marketing tool. Sites such as facebook and twitter can offer businesses a clear insight into their most profitable market demographics, and how best to reach them. With this in mind, there are several key measures businesses can take to ensure they utilise social networking tools to their fullest potential:

1. Launch an online presence and get the brand out there – each individual ‘like’ on a social network has the potential to generate more ‘likes’, as users see what their online contacts have registered an interest in.
2. Post meaningful content relevant to the brand. While a generic, entertaining post may generate a lot of initial attention, it will do little to help the business interact specifically with potential customers.
3. Use the profiling information generated by user likes to determine which campaigns appeal to particular consumer groups.
4. Treat social networks primarily as an opportunity to raise brand awareness. Create a taster for the brand on a social network, and encourage interested parties to follow through with easy links to the official business site, generating a new traffic of potential customers.…

How did Youtube get Started



Everyone who’s been successful has been inspired, not just inspiring.

Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim were inspired by Flickr, Hotornot, and their early experiences of working at PayPal. They registered Youtube.com the day after starting work on it.

2 months later the first video, one of Karim at the zoo, was uploaded.

6 months later Nike became the first major business to use Youtube for promotional purposes. Their video of the football player, Ronaldinho, was an early hit.

18 months later Google bought Youtube for $1.65 billion, which for some reason didn’t lead to Hurley, Chen, and Karim building their own moonbase.

3 years and 18 months later Youtube passed 1 billion videos a day, but due to high costs remained unprofitable.

Today, Hurley and Chen work together at AVOS Systems which they co-founded, and is a key player at Youniversity Ventures.…

How to use Hashtags Effectively

Bird holding a hashtag

Hashtags are used to categorise messages by searchable keywords, but overuse can just as easily push people away.

It’s as simple as placing a # directly before a word anywhere within a post, with no space between the symbol and the word. Users then search for hashtags to bring up every post that contains it.

Using just one or two simple words or short phrases that directly correspond with the topic of your post is the best way to hashtag. There’s no need to tag generic words, as people search for hashtags specifically. Too many hashtags in a single post is hard to read and users will scroll straight past. For example, posts about a football team will often have the team’s name hashtagged or may close with #football.

#Hashtagging has become a social media second-nature, but used correctly it could drive traffic your way with minimal effort.


2014: The Year of Social TV



2014 is set to be a big year for social TV – though it’s impact has taken longer than some expected.

Social media will be able to support communication and social interaction regarding watching TV and anything linked to TV programmes. Social TV is bound to be targeted by TV related advertising, because one of the biggest themes of social media sites is discussions about TV programmes.

Twitter and Facebook have forged partnerships with media companies such as Nielsen, NFL and Comcast, and the next step will be ads appearing on social media which are highly relevant to what individual users are talking about.

Social media use on mobile devices will also be one aspect that will be particularly targeted by advertising, with less clutter being of obvious appeal. Through social media, relevant ads to individuals will appear in real time, too.…