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A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Advertising

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A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Advertising

Twitter keyboard

The rise of the internet and the impact that social media has had on the world is very plain to see. Applications and websites like Facebook and twitter have revolutionized how companies and individuals can market goods and services, creating grass roots movements without the traditional requirements of needing to spread the word on the literal street. Instead, twitter has expanded the ‘street’ to a world wide area and offers exposure to thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands people if your posts start to trend even in your local area. All of this sounds great, but how is it done? Below are some simple steps to begin your foray into twitter advertising.

Create an Account

It might sound basic, but the first thing you need to be able to advertise on twitter is a twitter account. It’ll still work if you’re using a personal twitter account, but unless you’re advertising yourself, it’s a better idea to create a new and distinct account for your business. When creating a new business twitter account, pick as short a name as you can that will still be recognizable and relevant. As with website URL’s, short and sweet is the rule of thumb. Likewise …

Click to Call Button in Sponsored Tweets

In an effort to improve the value of advertising on the network, Twitter is investigating the possibility of featuring a click-to-call button within sponsored tweets. Known as direct response advertising, this would do “as it says on the tin” and enable users to directly engage with the advertiser via a click.

twitter tests a click to call button

Twitter’s Vice President of global online sales, Richard Alfonsi, believes that this feature will “generate leads, drive app downloads, collect consumers’ email addresses and induce incoming calls for customers”. The button is in beta testing with large corporations such as Google Maps and Yelp already taking part but Twitter are yet to give any indication of if or when the feature will be further rolled out.

The move could appeal to local advertisers such as restaurants and salons who rely on calls for reservations and appointments. For example, a local salon could advertise a limited time deal to users within a certain proximity, to encourage people to call and make an appointment directly from their twitter feed. The feature would in turn allow conversions to be easily measured.

This direct response advertising is a departure from the typical use of ads to generate brand awareness on Twitter. With click-to-call, …

Tailored Audiences new to Twitter Advertising

tailored audiencesTwitter certainly isn’t up for getting left behind in the online advertising market and the social network has stepped up what it has to offer with the introduction of ads that are tailored to audiences. Now all businesses have the opportunity to remarket to their potential customers on the social media channel.

The most powerful and promising part of this feature is that audiences who have shown an interest in a brand both on or away from the channel can be targeted. Using cookies, Twitter can match website visitors to Twitter accounts, enabling brands to remarket to their prospects in a more personal and direct way on the network.

Tailored Audiences drive Better Results

Whereas remarketing with AdWords will show ads to audiences as they visit other sites, Twitter will show ads or ‘promoted tweets’ within user feeds, making them much more visible and direct. Brands can specify which groups of audiences they want targeted with which messages, providing more relevant ads to users and more precise advertising.

Twitter began testing tailored audiences many months ago and the product has finally been rolled out after results showed that brands using the advertising saw better conversions and lowered costs per customer …