The 4 Steps From Insight To Action!

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News / 15 May 2013

Most internet marketers track and analyse a series of measurements including visits to their sites, the amount of time people spend on their sites, how they got to the site and either downloads, conversions or downloads. However, the important part of taking in all this information is knowing what to do with it to improve your business. We will now look at 4 steps you need to take to move from insight to action.
Step 1 – Focus On Results
With every measurement that you track it is important that you work out what you do need to do change its value.
Step 2 – Develop A Plan
Once you have these numbers and proposed actions to take with each, you have the beginnings of a plan. If there are any measurements that do not have a plan of action attached to them, you should just drop those measurements. Now you can make a list of the action and form it into a detailed plan with each action prioritized by their potential impact and resource availability.
Step 3 – Build A Team
In order to take your proposed actions you need to have a team of skilled individuals to help you achieve them. Delegate the jobs to people who have the skills best suited to the various actions and jobs.
Step 4 – Execute
The last stage is to carrying out the plan. Meet regularly throughout the process to get round barriers and various other issues and review the plan frequently to make sure it is going to help you reach your goal.

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