The Benefits of Email Marketing

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Email Marketing / 6 October 2013
When considering which tools are the most effective to place in your marketing plan, make sure email marketing is one of them. Here are 8 benefits of email marketing:
1. Low financial investment.
2. Global reach for little to no extra cost.
3. Ability to stay in touch with new and existing customers on a regular basis.
4. Ability to target those customers with demographic-specific marketing campaigns.
5. Return on investment that is typically higher than other marketing methods due to point #1 above.
6. Ability to track customer engagement.
7. Ability to increase customer engagement via email-only promotions, contests, etc.
8. Reduced cost and effort planning, creating and distributing company promotions, contests, etc.This list could go on, but the benefits are clear. Use your imagination, sign up with Pinnacle’s email marketing service, and let the benefits roll in.
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