The Benefits of Keyword Optimisation

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SEO / 2 October 2013
Orientierung mit rotem Pfeil
“Build it and they will come” was the mantra in the infant days of the Internet. These days however, steps must be taken to be seen in the first page or two of any search term your customers may use to find you. Keyword optimisation has become extremely important for search engine positioning and branding. So what is keyword optimization?Put simply, keyword optimization is the carefully planned usage of search terms in the text and code of your website, social network profile, etc. Well-chosen search terms included in your text have a few benefits:First benefit – visibility in the search engines
Second benefit – reaching your target market more quickly
Third benefit – ideally getting customer business before your competitors do
Fourth benefit – establishing your brand
Achieving these benefits requires research and editing within search engine rules. But the time and effort it takes is well worth it.
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