The Benefits of Online PR

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SEO / 18 February 2016

Public relations has always been an offline communication tool, but it is now fast becoming an online marketing strategy for enhancing company sites, e-newsletters, and more. There are various benefits of online PR in relation to your business. Some of these benefits include:

  • Generating traffic to your website
  • Increasing SEO by including backlinks to a website
  • Positioning your company as a dominant voice in the industry
  • Engaging with people who are interested in your brand or product
  • Providing a communication platform in order to target audiences
  • Online PR can help your search engine optimisation

    If you submit an optimised keyword in your article or blog, it won’t be as effective if there is no backlink included. Your published articles or press releases must be engaging enough for the reader to want to click on the link and reach your website. Link building can therefore be highly beneficial for your SEO.

    Online PR helps build your reputation

    If your company sells a certain product such as baby food, you must submit an article that’s written by a mom and offer customers a sample to review. Once you receive a positive review, make sure you post it on your website. This is how you’ll encourage people to visit your site and learn more about the product.

    How to use online PR the correct way

    You should always be aware of what other people are saying about your company online and how to take their comments onto the next level. Once you have created some fresh content that can be published online, you can raise your profile again and again. If you’re not good at writing relevant articles about your brand, there is always the option of hiring an online copywriter who can create engaging pieces.

    If you’re writing a press release, make sure to include embedded links that generate traffic back to your website within the article. Always use relevant keywords within your content so when people search for something specific, they are directed to your website. To help you source and research your keywords, it is worthwhile talking to a website agency. You can also get hundreds of niche ideas online and find sites that will be willing to publish your content. Remember to keep your articles as relevant and interesting as possible to your target audience in order to get the desired result.

    Do you use online PR as part of the marketing strategy for your business? Please leave your comments below..

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