The Importance of Mobile Optimisation

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SEO / 10 November 2016



Within the past two decades, the emergence of mobile phones has allowed technology to advance to a whole new level. The advancement of smartphones now allows consumers to browse the internet sitting on the sofa, in the car, anywhere they wish as long as they have a connection using WiFi or 4G. Websites have come a long way in order to stop users from having to squint at small writing, or swipe over a page several times to see the content they want. This has been due to mobile optimisation, which has made mobile website viewing easier than ever.

What Is Mobile Optimisation?

Put simply, mobile optimisation is making sure that your website is converted from a normal desktop view into one that is suitable for mobile devices. This means that the user will not have to keep zooming into different parts of the website to see the content they want.

What Are The Advantages?

  • Research has shown that websites which do not have mobile optimisation can lose sales. Studies show that 57% of mobile users will leave a website if it is not optimised.
  • Portable: Mobile users over the past few years experience faster internet than ever before. Viewing websites on their smartphones needs to be just as quick. Being optimised means a user can view the information they need within a quick amount of time.
  • Brand recognition: Being optimised means your website will look sleeker, be faster and ultimately; more recognisable to the consumer. Having a bad looking website may make the viewer think negatively of the brand, as if they do not care about customer satisfaction.


If there are any, they have yet to be found.


Mobile optimisation is important for websites as it increases views and allows the customer to feel valued. There are no disadvantages, apart from the initial issue of getting the task completed. In the 21st century it is important for customers to get information as quickly as possible, therefore, mobile optimisation should be a task companies complete with their websites.

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