The Value of Infographics

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Content Marketing / 2 April 2014

Infographics: quirky designs featuring information in an easily readable fashion – they’re simply great. Indeed, the number of them on the web is increasing by at least 1% everyday. But are you yet to enter the infographic realm with your content marketing? Here are our top 4 reasons why you need to get on the infographic bandwagon, and quick.

the value of infographics

1.   The Power of Visual
It pretty much goes without saying that images are more entertaining and engaging than text both on and off the internet. Infographics make for a truly powerful mix of both: they catch your audience’s eye and encourage them to read the information you’ve displayed. Although they fit the same purpose as a chunk of paragraphs, they’re more fun, more interesting and they help your audience to make a connection with your brand.
2.   Easily Digestible Information
As a consequence of modern technology, the world is used to accessing the information they want quickly and easily. Infographics meet this need by displaying information in a concise and easy to digest manner. Instead of presenting your audience with a wad of text that looks boring and will take up their time, you can communicate in small chunks, all within one appealing design.

the value of infographics3.   Versatility

Infographics are most popularly used as a tool to display lists of data and statistics in a more attractive fashion. Yet, they also an effective way to communicate facts, testimonials and other small chunks of information. As long as you stick to using little text and lots of images within a professional design, the subject of your infographic can be just about anything and have the same powerful effect.
4.   Shareable
Professionally designed infographics with interesting, concise information have a high click and share rate making them great for use across social media and blogs. The content is an alternative to blog posts, case studies or news about your company. These clever tools will help you attract the attention of a wider audience and drive more traffic to your site.
Power-up your content marketing with professionally designed infographics and you’ll soon see results.
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