3 Tips for Getting More YouTube Views

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TipsVideo / 10 June 2014

Getting results from YouTube isn’t as easy as uploading a video and then waiting for the views to roll in. No matter how professional, creative or downright wacky your video, it’s competing with the other 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. Yes, your content has to be great but it won’t be seen unless it’s able to be found. And the key to getting found on YouTube is video optimisation.

tips for getting more youtube views

Here are some quick and easy tips to power-up your YouTube videos and set them up for more views.

1.       Your Video Title

The title of your video plays a vital role in interesting your potential viewers and attracting their clicks. It needs to be eye-catching and relevant.
Consider which terms your audience would use to search for your content and use Google’s Keyword Planner to help you come up with ideas. Your keywords indicate to YouTube what your video is about, helping it to rank in relevant searches.
Position your keywords early in your title with any further information coming after and remember that only 50-55 characters of your title will show up in search results – make the most of the space.
Another reason your video title must be relevant is because YouTube takes note of the time viewers spend watching your video. If your video is titled something but is about something completely different then your viewers will be clicking off pretty quickly. This clicking away is known as a ‘bounce’ and will damage your rankings on YouTube.

2.       Your Video Description

Optimising your video description is also key for helping you to rank in search and attract clicks. In your description you should include relevant keywords and interesting copy that describes what your video is about and catches attention.
Only 25-30 characters of your description will show in search results so make sure you pack in all the best stuff at the beginning. Give a good reason for people to click your video (a benefit) and include a call to action.
To help drive traffic to your website, you should also include a link within the first two sentences of your description, and again at the end. And don’t be afraid to include further links to your social media, to encourage further engagement off the YouTube platform.

3.       Customise Your Thumbnail

Your video thumbnail (the image of your video that shows in search results) is your best opportunity to gain clicks. So instead of letting YouTube choose a still from your video that may be ambiguous or boring, make your own customised thumbnail instead.
The best thumbnails are clear and eye-catching, standing out from the other videos in search results. Look up your competition to get an idea of what types of thumbnails are being used and consider how yours could make more of an impression.
Another tip is to name your thumbnail with your keywords before you upload it. The more text information you can provide YouTube, the better the platform can understand what your video is about to rank your video accordingly.
Optimising your YouTube videos will help your content:

  1. Show up in searches &
  2. Get seen by your target audience

For more help with YouTube video optimisation and to hit page one of YouTube’s search results, check out our YouTube Video Optimisation Service.

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