Top 5 Spooky Tips for a Successful Halloween Social Media Campaign

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Content MarketingSEOSocial MediaTips / 29 October 2014

It’s almost here; you’ve bought your costume, stocked up on sweets and cracked open the fake blood but have you updated your social media campaigns? Every year organisations all over the world embrace All Hallows’ Eve and unleash fun and original content out into the Twittersphere as part of their marketing efforts.
In this article we consider five ways to create a successfully spooky Halloween social media campaign that you can use year after year.
1. Make it Multi-Channel
When deploying a Halloween themed social media marketing campaign it is important to spread it out over all of your company’s channels; the company website, Twitter profile, Facebook page, even your Instagram and Pinterest pages. Keep your content relevant to the platform you’re sharing on and consider making it last for at least a couple of days so you can keep your users entertained.
2. Dress Up Your Profiles
A great way to integrate the fun of Halloween into your social media profiles is to temporarily ‘dress up’ your banners, profile pictures and even social sharing buttons. Changing your usual brand colours to the typical orange and black or adding a spattering of jack o’ lanterns into your Facebook cover picture will really show how excited you are about the upcoming holiday and excite your users too. Remember to change it back once Halloween’s over though!
3. Adjust Your Product Offerings
If you’re an organisation that deals with physical products it might be a good idea to theme them accordingly. You’ve all seen shop windows during the period, covered in orange and black banners and cotton wool spider webs, think of your website or social media platforms as a window front for your store. Once you’ve dressed up your profiles they’ll look a lot more festive, but why stop there? vet dogConsider renaming products to give them a kitsch, tongue-in-cheek element or collect a ‘favourites’ page filled with only festively coloured products. Look at all of your visible online pages as an extension of your business and really let your creativity reach its peak.
4. Theme Your Updates
 Everybody loves a fun and exciting tweet or update so during the end of October you might want to consider giving them all a spooky or Halloween-esque theme to tie them together. Another great thing about celebrating a holiday via social media is your ability to use hashtags to reach a wider audience.
During the week running up to the 31st, your newsfeeds will undoubtedly be filled with the people you follow and their plans. Use relevant and original hashtags to increase your viewership. While generic hashtags such as #halloween will reach more people your updates may also get lost in a sea of other users and businesses. By creating your own hashtag and linking it to engaging content you can reach out to your usual customers and build intrigue with other users which may end in the possibility of being shared.
5. Get Your Users Involved!
Like the previous step, it is really important to keep your users as excited about the holiday, and ultimately, your products. A great way to do this is to offer Halloween appropriate incentives or promotions. Many businesses organise themed photo competitions for their users as an opportunity to share images of their costumes, all linked through a hashtag personal to them. Why not encourage user-generated content? Have any of your followers got any great spooky jokes that they want to share? What faces are they carving into their pumpkins?
To wrap up…
This season is all about encouraging participation. Inject as much fun as you can into your own updates and offer your users the opportunity to get involved too!

What do you think about Halloween campaigns? Have you got any ideas for making one successful? Please share your comments below…

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