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BloggingContent MarketingTipsWebsites / 25 September 2015

BlogProducing a business blog is an excellent way of advertising your company profile as well as driving inbound marketing.
Here are some top tips to get the most out of your blogging by making it work as a powerful business tool.

Keep it Targeted

Your blog is you 24 hours, seven days per week shop window. So use it. Give each blog a subject and write about I exclusively. A  subjected blog will help peak your readers interest and make them want to know more about your products and services. It is important to include a link within the blog that goes directly back to an appropriate point on you company website as it will drive traffic and build leads.

The Free Newsletter

Giving something away is always popular, so use your blog to offer access to a free email newsletter and RSS feed. Along with helping you create a list of interested parties, it allows you to advertise everything new about your business and helps build trust.

Use Imagery

Pictures are important within business blogging, so wherever possible, use original images to spice up your publication and build interest in your industry. Apart from making your blog look more attractive, images bring the reader into your business and convey a sense of belonging.

Blog Often

There has been much conjecture on how often you should blog, but one thing is sure. Each time you blog, it creates a new URL, and this does not expire so the more you blog, the more exposure you are giving your business. From this point of view, it makes sense to blog as often as you can and keep the image of your company fresh on the internet.

Invite Questions

If a question is asked, answer it, and use your blog to do it. An appropriately qualified answer is a clear sign that you are engaging with your readers and settling queries about what you can provide as a business.

The business blog is a powerful tool and using these simple tips will help you make it work for your company, and for

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