Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

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NewsSocial MediaTips / 5 January 2016

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The way consumers browse and buy products and services is evolving at a fast pace. If you want to market your business effectively, then you need to keep up with these changes and constantly adapt the messages you are sending out and the channels you are using for your marketing.

To help keep you up-to-date, here are some of the top marketing trends to expect in 2016.

Search through social media

Obviously social media isn’t a big new trend, it’s pretty well established by this point and hopefully you know by now why you should be on it, if you’re not already. In case not, here’s another reason; search functions on social media sites are becoming more comprehensive and are being adopted more and more by internet users. While Google still has the advantage, a larger influx of searches are now being performed through sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Go Mobile

It was pushed for in 2015, especially after Google’s update downgrading any websites that weren’t mobile-friendly so that they had less of a chance of appearing high up in search results. In 2016 it will be even more detrimental to businesses if their website isn’t responsive. More and more people are accessing information on their phones on a regular basis, so you need to make your website, as well as any marketing emails you send out, user friendly for these people.

Mobile Apps

While we’re talking about mobile, apps are also on the rise. Having your own app makes it even easier for users to access your content than on mobile-friendly websites, making the whole experience easier and smoother. Google now also indexes apps to determine a website’s position in search rankings, so it will help you there too.

Wear your Marketing on your Sleeve

Since the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015, smart watches and other wearable technologies are hitting the market fast and being adopted by the technologically minded among us. In the years to come they are predicted to become more widespread, which will mean companies may have to rethink how they communicate their marketing messages. After most have only just adapted to marketing on smartphones, marketers are going to have to think about how they can share information on even smaller screens. On-the-go information has never been more crucial to the performance of your business.

These are just a few of the digital marketing trends for 2016. What will you do to keep up with the pace?

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