Top Tips for Growing Your Youtube Subscribers

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TipsVideo / 20 April 2015

PWith billions of video views daily, YouTube is a great tool for creating an online presence. In order to build your brand successfully, you want to get people to watch, enjoy and share your videos as widely as possible. This is where subscribers step in. Youtube Subscribers are the lifeblood of any YouTube channel. These regular viewers are more likely to interact with and share your videos, thus helping your content to reach an ever growing audience. The steps outlined below will help you to grow the subscriber base of your channel.


On a site as huge as YouTube, you need to make sure your content has something unique to offer to attract a large audience. Always focus on the value your content gives to the viewer. Whether you’re providing entertainment or information, people will only come back for more if they got something out of watching your content. In order to increase views, you also need to upload new videos on a regular basis.


In order to stop potential Youtube subscribers from leaving your channel too soon, you can give a nudge to the viewer by asking them to subscribe. One effective way to do this is by using annotations in your videos – annotation is either a box that contains a call for action, or a graphic or an image that can be clicked to subscribe. Overdoing it can drive viewers away, but a few carefully selected annotations can guide a larger number of your viewers to subscribe, or to vatch more of your videos and therefore stay longer on your channel.


Don’t limit your efforts to find subscribers to YouTube only. If you have a web presence and an audience outside of YouTube, you can make it even easier for people to find your content by embedding your YouTube videos to your website or blog. Then install the YouTube Subscription Widget which allows the visitors to your website to become instant subscribers to your YouTube channel with a single click.


Content creators on YouTube can help each other through the Featured Channels function of the site. Choose channels that produce high quality content that is relevant to your audience and add them through your own YouTube home page. Once other relevant channels feature you, traffic to your channel is likely to increase quickly. To speed up the process, you can ask to be featured back – people are probably more than happy to return the favour.


Finally, YouTube is an interactive community, and taking the time to respond to viewers’ questions and comments makes them feel that they matter and can provide you with valuable feedback as well as ideas for more videos. Remember to connect with other YouTube users beyond your own channel, too – the more you interact, the more likely it is that your own channel will receive more attention and subscribers.

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