Turning Likes into Profit – How can Facebook get you More Customers?

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Social MediaTips / 15 November 2013


Social networking is becoming an increasingly vital online marketing tool. Sites such as facebook and twitter can offer businesses a clear insight into their most profitable market demographics, and how best to reach them. With this in mind, there are several key measures businesses can take to ensure they utilise social networking tools to their fullest potential:
1. Launch an online presence and get the brand out there – each individual ‘like’ on a social network has the potential to generate more ‘likes’, as users see what their online contacts have registered an interest in.
2. Post meaningful content relevant to the brand. While a generic, entertaining post may generate a lot of initial attention, it will do little to help the business interact specifically with potential customers.
3. Use the profiling information generated by user likes to determine which campaigns appeal to particular consumer groups.
4. Treat social networks primarily as an opportunity to raise brand awareness. Create a taster for the brand on a social network, and encourage interested parties to follow through with easy links to the official business site, generating a new traffic of potential customers.

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