What Drives Engagement on Social Media?

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Social MediaTips / 23 December 2015

Popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are great platforms for small businesses. According to a recent survey from e-Marketer, the results showed that small businesses would prefer turning to social media in order to build brand awareness. Perhaps their biggest challenge lies in having to invest lots of time creating profiles, writing business plans, and connecting with potential customers. To know what drives engagement on social media, read this article now.

Publish Photos

The photos you publish on your fan page in Facebook can generate more than 50 per cent more impressions. This social media site is one of the most popular photo sharing sites as it allows people to leave comments and create an impression. This allows your followers to get a better idea of your brand and connect with your company. Remember engagement is key for generating followers to your website.

Start Discussions

One of the best ways to start your engagement campaign is to generate discussions. This allows you to welcome your followers’ opinions, without having to dictate. When your fans leave comments, questions are bound to generate. You can also take part in asking questions from your fans, and whenever they comment on your page, it helps build your brand.

Share Quotes

The best thing about quotes is that they are to-the-point and informative. As a small business owner, most people may not have heard of your brand and are unable to identify with you. Quotes from public figures drive up to 50 per cent more retweets than any other tweet. By regularly updating your status, you can drive lots of traffic and keep your followers engaged.

To Wrap Up…

There are also many other ways to create a powerful brand on social networking sites such as publishing links, promoting websites, or sharing free resources. Building a strong fan base takes patience and time since you won’t have the same marketing budget as large organisations. You are going to have to work hard every day to earn your fans. To keep them engaged, you must make sure you publish fresh content on your social media site. Keeping your fans updated as much as possible will be beneficial in the long term. Social media sites are used by millions of people from around the world, so the faster you engage with them, the more they’ll want to be part of your community.

How do you gain engagement on social media? Please leave your comments below…

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