Whats your Social Media Voice

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Social Media / 15 July 2013

These days, social media is such a crucial part of promoting your business and brand that it is essential to develop the right tone of voice in order to capitalise on your marketing power. Social media such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter may well be the initial introduction of new customers to your business, and if you achieve the right tone you can make the right first impression.

Firstly you need to decide how you want your business to be perceived, and it is vital to come across as consistent and credible. For example, if your brand represents a conservative lifestyle for the over-50s, it’s no good using street slang and ‘youth-speak’, as this will simply not convince people or attract the right target audience.

Make sure your tone is approachable, interesting, and reflects well on your brand’s personality, and you will be guaranteed loyal followers!

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