Why First Impressions Matter with Websites

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Websites / 10 April 2017


Today’s world of internet marketing and commerce is super fast, and so is the speed with which potential customers make decisions about a website. Whatever its purpose a website needs to make a good impression immediately. Here are some ideas on how to do it:

1. Get instant appeal 
A landing page should open as fast as possible with as clear and uncomplicated a layout as possible without losing attractive qualities. That means fast. There are tools available that will track the speed with which a page opens and provide analysis. Synergy is the interaction between constituent parts that add up to more than all of them put together. Make sure all elements of the landing page work together to create a great first impression and don’t rely on one element alone.

2. Important information first
Statistics show that most viewers look first at information displayed above the centre and to the left of a page. This is where important and attractive information should be placed. Secondary information, links and advertising should go elsewhere.

3. Be clear
If someone has found your webpage it is likely they are looking for something you can offer. Be clear on your pages, as soon as possible, about what you do, what you offer, and how you can deliver it. Use language that is clear and avoid jargon, acronyms and overly technical talk (that can be placed elsewhere if necessary, under a dedicated heading such as ‘technical details’). Use a menu to take people to more detailed descriptions of what you do, the history of the company and other more detailed descriptions that build on your initial pitches.

4. Quality without mistakes
Even a very simple webpage can be more appealing if it works perfectly and contains no mistakes. Even spelling and grammatical errors speak about who is behind the page being displayed. Make sure everything is correctly spelt, laid out and functioning as it should. Waiting for videos to load and having to dispose of annoying pop ups to get to the meat of the matter will not impress.

5. Straight to the heart of the matter 
Avoid taking your viewers to other pages before they have got to grips with the first. Similarly, don’t have videos playing as soon as the page opens. These things can be immensely frustrating and lead to potential customers leaving altogether.


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