Why Should You Use Infographics?

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Content MarketingSocial MediaTips / 28 October 2015

canstockphoto8625325 (1)Infographics are image files that are often loaded with easy-to-understand visual information. They are a little like a PowerPoint presentation if you were to take the main points of each slide and slip them into one big slide.

1. They are smooth brand promoters

It is fun and handy when you can slip your brand logo into something without people instantly noticing. Sure, you can attach an image of your brand to a guest post you wrote, but it stands out like a pig’s nose at a pie-eating contest. Subtly slide your brand logo into your infographics and let drip-drip marketing slide into action/.

2. For some reason, 98% of statistics seem to matter to people

People seem to have a weakness for statistics. People seem to believe them almost instantly. People are reading on Facebook that 98% of people smoke weed, and there are people out there believing it without exception despite the fact that probably 88% of the population has never even had physical contact with it.

3. Only 4% of people say they have never seen an infographic

If people are willing to believe anything that is written in statistics form, then why not lie? The great thing is that no matter what you write, if you add in a few pie charts and graphs, then people somewhere will believe it.

4. There is a fair degree of attractive appeal

Even poorly designed infographics, and infographics that do not seem to have much to say, still look attractive. They still have a visual appeal that seems to draw people to them. They are especially handy for weary students that are sick of looking through journals and just want a few cheap statistics to put into their essays.

5. Loading times are faster these days

It used to be that creating and hosting infographics was a bad idea because website loading times were too slow. However, these days you can fill your website with infographics and it will scarcely affect your loading times at all.

6. You can share them around without fear of Google penalties

If you share the same written content around different websites, then you are probably going to receive a Google penalty. They do not like you spreading duplicate content around other websites as it affects user experience in a negative way. You can however, spread your infographics around as much as you like without any penalty, and they are easy to embed too. They may also float around social media and go viral too (if you are very lucky).

Do you use infographics in your content marketing strategy? Please leave your comments below…

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