Why Social Media Marketing Is Vital For Businesses

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Social Media / 28 February 2017

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With 684478 shared pieces of content on Facebook, 3600 new photos on Instagram and 100 hours of video every minute of every day, social media is a tool that simply can’t be ignored. There are 1 billion “likes” on Instagram daily, 2 new members joining LinkedIn every second and a whopping 320 million active users on Twitter per month.

And those statistics won’t make a halt when it comes to consumers: 97% of shoppers search online for local businesses, while 93% of buying decisions are influenced by social media. A well-managed social media presence is vital for any business and will not only widen customer reach, engagement and word of mouth, but also increase lead-to-close rates by up to 100%.

Why Social Media is a must

Utilising social media will support the effective growth of a powerful, engaged and committed consumer community that in turn will

– Rely upon & trust the Business
– Remember the Business
– Recommend the Business
And most importantly
– Repeat to purchase from the Business

Building meaningful relationships is the core pillar in any social media strategy and the key to achieve all of these “4 R’s”. Social media platforms make it dead-simple for any business to not only receive direct feedback and subsequently understand what works & what doesn’t, but also to gather crucial information on what it is that customers actually want & need. In addition, many marketers use social media outlets to network and establish successful collaborations amongst like-minded co-professionals and businesses, such as running joined contests & advertisements or referring each other on their individual brand profiles. On the other hand, social media can also be employed to gain insight information about competitors.

A New Take on World Class Customer Service

We’ve all been there, meandering our way through computer operated voice services only to be kept in the waiting queue of a customer service hotline – and in worse case to be advised to call back at a later point as all operators are engaged. Even shooting off an email to a customer service team often requires at least 48 to 72 hours of patience – and customer patience is (quite rightly) wearing thin these days. Incorporating social media as a service channel is not only advantageous to instantly take care of customer’s needs, but fundamental in today’s competitive market where trust, recommendations and return of customers is essential for revenue.

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