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At Pinnacle Internet Marketing we understand that there are a myriad of benefits to content marketing, and will work closely alongside your business to make sure you get what you want from your content marketing agency.

Benefits of content marketing

You may have already heard about content marketing, but if you never considered investing in this online marketing strategy before, it might be worth weighing the benefits. Content marketing is one of the most effective and practical strategies available today so if you are a business owner, take a note of the following benefits of content marketing.

Gain higher domain authority

Creating high-quality content and publishing it on your website will earn more inbound links from external sources, especially if your content is relevant, informative, and authoritative. When your website gains domain authority, it will correlate with higher search rankings. As long as you write unique and informative SEO articles, your search visibility will stand out in popular search engines such as Google.

Improve your brand reputation

When people read your content, they will get a good idea about your brand. If your material is helpful or informative, readers are more likely to use your brand. This is especially true when people see your content published on the newsfeeds of credible social networking sites as they perceive your brand to be well established and trustworthy.

Improve search engine optimisation

Aside from educating your customers through content publishing, coming up with an effective marketing strategy will enhance your online visibility. By publishing useful content on your homepage that lends insight into people’s most common questions or problems will help you improve your rankings so be sure to optimise those keywords.

Generate more leads

Blogging generally results in more leads as according to HubSpot report, businesses that publish blog posts regularly generate around 60 per cent more leads per month than those companies who don’t blog. By executing an effective marketing strategy through blogging, you will be able to build a genuine relationship with your potential customers as you gain their trust, which consequently, will result in more leads.

Pinnacle Internet Marketing follow content marketing best practices:

  • We always focus on quality content and publish your posts regularly.
  • We aim to create timeless content so that it is still relevant a year down the line. Posting timeless posts will continue generating traffic to your site for a long period of time, as long as they offer useful information to the reader.
  • We keep your niche market in mind when writing content as those readers need to benefit from what you are writing about. Before a customer wants to buy something online, they will search for info on that product so if your keywords are search engine optimised, they will find your website first.
  • We can post your valuable content on social media sites by creating a page dedicated to your brand.
  • Content marketing needs to be a long-term strategy. Pinnacle are clear and upfront about this and will always keep this in mind when discussing strategies pertaining to content marketing.

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Onsite Analysis

Onsite Analysis

Using the latest software our specialists can analyse your website and current digital marketing efforts giving you a detailed plan of action to really drive leads to your business.

Flexible Contracts

Flexible Contracts

We offer a range of short-term rolling contracts for our clients that can be modified to suit your individual budget and needs as required.

Total Transparency

Total Transparency

At Pinnacle we don't hide behind jargon. With regular reports and personal interaction you'll know exactly what's going on with your online marketing.