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Isca Dental

Isca Dental Case Study

Isca Dental was an exercise in taking an existing design, modernising it, and rebuilding from the ground up.

In order to breath life into the Isca Dental website we modernised it, and rebuilt it using Wordpress in conjunction with ACF advanced Custom Fields – These fields are flexible placeholders that allow the client to populate the site with extra content, while giving us as developers complete control to rebuild our clients website as it was meant to look.

Our modernisation efforts included utilising a much wider container for the content and full screen sections for elements such as the hero image and quicklinks. We also added rich media as well as consistent and subtle hover animations to make the website react to the user throughout their browsing experience. The best elements of the styling were developed to all areas of the website and added large amount of polish was applied throughout.

We also restructured the website to focus more on trust indicators via reviews and accreditations, and Calls to Action, such as rolling monthly offers, large and prominent contact details, and key products right above the fold.

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