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A Cardiff based SEO Company

As the reliance on search engines such as Google grow, more and more businesses are turning to SEO as a way to gain an advantage over their competitors online.

The constant changes in ranking algorithms (the process they use to analyse a website's reputation and ranking) mean that there's no specific 'one size fits all' offering to improve your position on a search engine. Using the most appropriate and lucrative techniques relevant to your business our specialists can optimise your website driving more traffic and increasing your conversion rate.

With expert competitor analysis and an examination of your existing website we can enhance how it's seen by multiple search engines. From off-site link building to the addition of on-site meta descriptions and keywords, our SEO services are the perfect addition to your internet marketing strategy.

SEO Cardiff
  • Enhanced online visibility
  • Increased brand awareness and website traffic from online search engines
  • More leads from potential customers
  • Increased sales, revenue and therefore, profits
  • A dedicated SEO team who know the ins and outs of everything SEO
SEO Pricing
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Our Process

  • Consultation

    First step, involving either a face-to-face, telephone or Skype meeting. We listen to you to understand your business and your requirements, your USP and the products/services you offer your clients. We also ask your expectations and KPIs to be achieved for the campaign to be successful.

  • Complete Website Audit

    Our SEO experts will carry out an in-depth website audit to find any problems that could stop the campaign from performing to its optimum. These issues may include; content issues, technical issues and low-quality backlinks. Our team can fix these issues but we can also pass on information to in-house (or external) web development teams.

  • On-Site Optimisation

    A continuous process of on-page optimisation and improving all on-page attributes month-by-month. We use in-house on-page tools to analyse how changes we have made to your website affects your search rankings.

  • Link Building

    Our off-site SEO team at Pinnacle use manual outreach methods to find the highest quality and most relevant websites to link to your business. This not only increases your search rankings but also brings your website visitors from high quality relevant blogs.

  • Reporting

    We provide you with a SEO and Analytics report at the end of every month, including your change in rankings and the change in your website traffic. This is created by our client portal, and you can also login via our website every day if you wish.

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