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Welsh Golfing Holidays

Welsh Golfing Holidays Case Study

We were tasked with creating a bespoke catalogue come booking system that consolidated a number of different and differently formatted data streams to work within one intuitive user-focussed system.

One of the challenges involved in creating this system was incorporating the flexibility to allow visitors to build their own golf package, whilst imposing the correct limitations on this flexibility, for example: A visitor may wish to stay in a certain hotel and play a certain course – in order to provide valid options we grouped hotels and courses by location. Our client also offered many resort packages – To show these resort packages without burying other hotels and courses we implemented each resort as a single listing with a from price at the top of the listings by location. This would then click through to a dedicated resort template.

In order to make this system work we mapped out a booking-system flow chart that catered to all possible outcomes, talking in depth with our client to put the focus onto the areas that were most important to him.

The resulting website is an attractive, intuitive user experience that is easy to update, both in terms of its flexibility, and the speed at which sweeping changes can be made.

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