Videos we have created for our clients to boost visibility in search engines as well as increase brand awareness

Youtube Video Portfolio


Medical Eye Clinic

Above is an example of an existing video, commissioned outside of Pinnacle Internet Marketing, that we have taken and promoted and optimised. The video is currently ranked second for the term 'eye clinic' and has over 21 thousand views and counting.


We have created several videos for the various trading styles of Greensquares to help increase their exposure on Youtube and across the web. The above video currently dominates the top position on Youtube for the keyphrase 'Composite decking ideas'. We research the terms people actually search for and then create whiteboard style videos that climb to the top of the rankings and answer the users queries while promoting the brand and website for our client.

Martyn Prowel

We created an animated whiteboard video for our client, Martyn Prowel Solicitors to feature on their new website. Fitting seamlessly with the firm's branding, website design and colours, the video covers all of the firm's services and highlights their specialist areas. The video ranks on the first page of YouTube's search results and continues to climb the rankings on Google.

Used Forklifts

We were approached by our client, Gwent Mechanical Handling Ltd. to produce a video advertisement for their used forklifts. The results were unprecedented: after taking the number one spot in Youtube's search results for their main keywords, in just two weeks the video reached page one on Google's search results. It has now received over 1,150 views and counting.

The Welsh Business Show

Our client, The Welsh Business Shows wanted to improve their exposure on Youtube. Our response was to create a video that would advertise their services and direct viewers to their website. The video now ranks number one on Youtube for multiple keywords and received more than 800 views within the first three weeks after upload.

Citroen Vans

We were approached by our client, Pure Vans Ltd to create a video that would advertise their Citroen Vans arm of the business and direct viewers to their website. The video reached the number one spot for its keywords in Youtube's search results within just two days.


We were approached by our client Apnea with the request to improve their online visibility and drive more traffic to their website. Our response was to create an animated video advertising their services. Almost immediately after upload the video ranked on page one of Youtube for its main keywords and its views continue to rise.

Onsite Analysis

Onsite Analysis

Using the latest software our specialists can analyse your website and current digital marketing efforts giving you a detailed plan of action to really drive leads to your business.

Flexible Contracts

Flexible Contracts

We offer a range of short-term rolling contracts for our clients that can be modified to suit your individual budget and needs as required.

Total Transparency

Total Transparency

At Pinnacle we don't hide behind jargon. With regular reports and personal interaction you'll know exactly what's going on with your online marketing.